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Please find below our latest testimonials from Health Professionals who have enjoyed the courses we have provided this year.

Delegate from Webinar: As a nurse practitioner I found it understandable and the examination demonstration and commentary was very useful. Dr David Price - MSK
Delegate from Webinar: Absolutely great presentation, lots of information, especially to support my practice already in place. Thank you for making my ability to help these women even easier! Kathy Abernethy - Menopause
Delegate from Webinar: As a male locumdoctor, I am less able to discuss this topic to my patients. After this talk, I am more confident in prescribing to my patients. Thank you Kathy Abernethy - Menopause
Delegate from Webinar: Brilliant! Looking at HRT in greater depth using case studies was really effective. The way Kathy handled the deluge of questions was very impressive and informative. The information provided has definitely made me think about my HRT prescribing in more depth Kathy Abernethy - Menopause
Delegate from Webinar: Superb speaker. Provided with lots of tips Dr Estelle McFadden - Neurology
Delegate from Webinar: Thank you very much for an excellent presentation- incredibly useful Dr Estelle McFadden - Neurology
Delegate from Webinar: Packed with really useful top tips Dr Estelle McFadden - Neurology
Delegate from Webinar: Excellent informative presentation. Very well delivered and kept my interest for the full two hours. Highly recommend this speaker Dr Finbar McGrady - Dermatology 1
Delegate from Webinar: Excellent presentation, would recommend this lecture, definitely has given me better insight to dermatology Dr Finbar McGrady - Dermatology 1
Delegate from Webinar: He was an excellent speaker. There was a lot of information given, but I liked the fact that there were case studies. I think a lot of them were common presentations in GP Practice, so they were well chosen by the speaker. Dr Wycliffe Mbagaya - Lab Results 2
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Upcoming Events

19 Jun 2021 @ Webinar Diabetes Complications
23 Jun 2021 @ Webinar Womens Health Study Evening: Premenstrual Syndrome/Bleeding Problems
24 Jun 2021 @ Webinar Using power and influence effectively
26 Jun 2021 @ Webinar A Practical guide to interpreting ECGs in Primary Care

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