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Please find below our latest testimonials from Health Professionals who have enjoyed the courses we have provided this year.

Delegate from Middlesbrough : Easy to comprehend. Paul is very knowledgeable in this field. Informed about new guidance and correct research

Mr Paul Dromgoole: - Diabetes
Delegate from Belfast : Best Paediatrics course I have been to for some time, excellent, thank you
Dr D Hodge - Paediatrics
Delegate from Liverpool: Realistic and relevant to modern pressures of a GP, interactive, reinforced good practice, offered useful techniques

Dr R Neighbour - Consultation Skills
Delegate from Norwich : Specific every day problems encountered addressed. Real life anecdotes, easy to relate to practice and skills Dr D Mansour
Delegate from Manchester : A very useful meeting from which I have lots to take away and make changes
Dr A Connolly - Women´s Health
Delegate from Glasgow: Best Respiratory lecture I have ever been to. Learnt so much today, many of my colleagues need to attend this event

Dr S Holmes- Respiratory
Delegate from Birmingham: Clear and informative, just what I was hoping for, targeted at what I needed to know, good practical advice

Nurse Specialist K Abernethy - Menopause
Delegate from Cardiff : Excellent presentation has helped me to understand coagulation in AF, good Q and A, excellent speakers

Cardiology Study Morning
Delegate from Belfast: - Another excellent high educational value meeting Dr D Hodge - Paediatrics
Delegate from Middlesbrough : Common conditions in children explained well and simple, Practical prescribing tips for Primary Care perspective

Dr D Hodge - Paediatrics
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Upcoming Events

23 Nov 2019 @ Plymouth Avoiding Cardiovascular Events in Primary Care
23 Nov 2019 @ Blackpool Diabetes Update 2019
23 Nov 2019 @ Clydebank Women´s Health Update 2019
23 Nov 2019 @ London Ophthalmology Workshop

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