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Background Information

MediConf UK provides a high quality Medical Education Programme for GPs and Practice Nurses throughout the UK. It has been established since 2007 and last year trained over 2,000 Primary Care Health Professionals.

Our events are usually free or heavily subsidized by the Pharmaceutical Industry in accordance with ABPI Ethical Guidelines. The GPs and Practice Nurses find the Educational Events valuable and are provided with certificates which are used in their Appraisal Portfolios as evidence of Continuing Professional Development.

The Events

Our events are usually held on a saturday morning. Attendance is high with around 70 to 100 delegates at most events, and 200plus at larger venues. Although saturdays may seem an unusual choice, a lot of delegates can attend, as they have no commitments in the surgery. Furthermore, because the event only involves the morning, the rest of the weekend is still available for rest and recreation.

Our Speakers

Speakers tend to be Consultants/Clinical Nurse Specialists or GPSI’s. They enjoy teaching and can communicate well to Primary Health Care Professionals in a clear and practical way. As these events are attended by Generalists’ rather than Specialists, it is important to keep the presentations relevant to General Practice and deal with practical day to day management problems rather than highly specialized aspects of clinical practice, of more relevance to Secondary Care Clinicians.

The Presentations

The presentations are usually from 60 to 90 mins in duration. We encourage a lecture perhaps of 30mins and then try to encourage the audience to be interactive by the following methods:

  • Clinical Case Discussion  
  • Question and Answer Sessions
  • Clinical Quizzes

The emphasis is always on making the topics relevant to everyday Primary Care

What are the Benefits of Speaking for MediConf?

The main benefits are as follows:

  • A speaker’s fee
  • Good opportunity to network with local GPs and Practice Nurses
  • Re-establish personal links with Primary Care that have been lost with “Choose and Book”
  • Get feedback and encourage dialogue from Primary Care on common areas of difficulty
  • Enhance your Appraisal Portfolio by providing education to your Primary Care Colleagues

How to Express an Interest in Speaking at Our Events

Please complete this short form in confidence without any obligation if you wish to express an interest in speaking at one of our events.

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Upcoming Events

1 Sep 2021 @ Webinar MSK: The Hip and Knee
4 Sep 2021 @ Webinar GLP1 Therapies: Overview and Initiation
8 Sep 2021 @ Webinar Women´s Health Study Evening Part 1
11 Sep 2021 @ Webinar Simplifying the diagnosis and management of Heart Failure in Primary Care

What our delegates say

Delegate from Webinar: One of the best dermatology presentations attended, good breadth of coverage. Dr Sara Ritchie - Dermatology
Delegate from Webinar: It was incredibly relevant, to the point and interesting, he pitched it at just the right level, whilst giving fabulous resources as to where we could find out more. Paul Dromgoole - Diabetes
Delegate from Webinar: He was an excellent speaker. There was a lot of information given, but I liked the fact that there were case studies. I think a lot of them were common presentations in GP Practice, so they were well chosen by the speaker. Dr Wycliffe Mbagaya - Lab Results 2
Delegate from Cardiff: Excellent speaker, imparting relevant knowledge and with humour Vitamin D3 & Contraception
Delegate from Webinar: Always a good selection of relevant slides and excellent knowledge by Paul Paul Dromgoole - Diabetes

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