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29 Sep 2021 @ Webinar Management of Atopic Eczema in Primary Care
2 Oct 2021 @ Webinar Gastroenterology Study Morning WEBINAR
6 Oct 2021 @ Webinar Domestic Violence and Abuse in Adults and Children
9 Oct 2021 @ Webinar Supporting those on Insulin Therapy A Guide to Insulin Therapy for Primary Care

What our delegates say

Delegate from Webinar: For the first time I have found a way to work through ECG´s systematically so it´s not a matter of remembering patterns but understanding how the ECG tracing represents electrical activity in the heart. Dr. Javaid was absolutely brilliant. He made it so clear and easy to understand. I look forward to his next presentation Dr Yassir Javaid - ECG
Delegate from Manchester: The speaker was very clear in her presentation. The downloads of slides were useful to read prior to the presentation. The interactive component was helpful. Dr Laura Pogue - Mental Health
Delegate from Bayer Webinar: A great platform for teaching I was engaged throughout! Bayer - Cardiology
Delegate from Webinar: Another fantastic presentation, really useful, packed with helpful tips and resources. A brilliant speaker - really inspirational, thank you! Dr Laura Pogue - Mental Health
Delegate from Webinar: Fantastic presentation -concise and relevant concepts for general practice. Dr Rakesh Chopra - ENT

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