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Diabetes Deconstructed - P Dromgoole

As a regular speaker throughout the UK and lead for the MediConf diabetes series, I would like to reflect on my experiences as a speaker. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to have established a successful freelance lecturing business and consequently can be discerning as to which organisation I support and work with. The mainstay of the MediConf diabetes meetings is either ‘sole sponsored’ pharmaceutical events or Saturday non-promotional morning GP, Practice Nurse meetings. Through the MediConf organisation and their carefully constructed health care professional database, delegates to these Saturday morning meetings total some 80 – 200 individuals. I am always inspired by the turnout. These are GP’s and Practice Nurses who presumably may have something better to do with their Saturdays but they spend it on learning and developing their diabetes knowledge, skills and confidence. It is truly heartening!

Why do MediConf attract such large and targeted audiences? This is purely my view as an experienced speaker. I believe it is multi-factorial and to do with: educational programmes that are clinically meaningful to potential delegates; organisation through advanced notice and an easy to negotiate website; a friendly, family run business, where delegates and speakers are made to feel welcome and lastly, dare I say it, speakers who are knowledgeable, passionate and are able to help delegates believe they can really make a difference.

My intention with these Saturday morning meetings one that is fully supported and encouraged by MediConf is to tackle elements of the complex and ever changing issue of diabetes with all its complexities and break it down into concepts and principles in order to encourage delegates to ‘see the penny drop’, to ‘get it’ and be able to leave the meeting feeling they have gained something in terms of increased knowledge, skills and confidence to really make a difference. My current MediConf diabetes workshop series, held on Saturday mornings over several UK venues covers: What’s new in diabetes?; Understanding and positioning of glucose lowering therapies; Cases – an opportunity to explore given challenges in diabetes management and treatment decisions and for YOU to discuss your own issues and challenges. Where will these be run?

Respiratory - Dr Steve Holmes

Dr Steve Holmes is the MediConf Respiratory expert speaker. Steve has worked as a general practitioner partner since 1989. Steve is a previous chair of the Primary Care Respiratory Society UK, and is the current education lead for PCRS-UK. He was part of the British Asthma Guidelines (BTS/SIGN) between 2005-2014 and is a member of the BTS Specialist Advisory Group for ...

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Mental Health and Wellbeing - Dr Laura Pogue

Dr Laura Pogue delivers our Mental Health Study Morning for Primary Care Professionals and joined the MediConf family at a similar time to me. Dr Pogue shares her experiences of working with MediConf and her article gives us an insight into Mental Health and wellbeing. This is what Dr Laura Pogue has to say about working with Mediconf … MediConf is a great s ...

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Good to Know?

The BMA have produced a useful tool to find out how GP Practices in different areas are coping in the Current Challenging Conditions. In December 2015, the BMA asked GP practices in England and Wales about the biggest challenges facing their practice. The responses included: financial viability GPs leaving the profession current workload level of demand ...

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MediConf Charity of the Year 2016

Dear MediConf Members You may already be aware that we actively support a number of charities. This year the charity we have chosen as our main beneficiary is the Lift for Cancer Charity Foundation. The organisation raise funds through running inventive and imaginative fitness events - Your regular attendance at our c ...

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MediConf News 2016: A Message from The Directors

This year is a very exciting year for MediConf. Based on your feedback and the MediConf hard work and plans made in 2015, we are holding more courses in more areas than we have ever done before. Thank you for your continued loyalty and as a result we have been able to reduce the course fees once again! We are looking forward to celebrating our 10 year anniversary ...

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What our delegates say

Delegate from Birmingham - Amazing, really enjoyable morning, thank you Dr A Connolly - Women´s Health
Delegate from Plymouth: Contraception/Family Planning and sexual health/reproduction is a topic that I am particularly interested in and this expert never fails to deliver the most comprehensive and up to date information on the subject. Prof. J Guillebaud - Family Planning
Delegate from Birmingham: Interactive, entertaining, loved the presentation Dr A Partner - Ophthalmology
Delegate from London: Good double act, excellent speakers, left feeling very informed, thank you Cardio Disease & Lipid Management
Delegate from Belfast - Enthusiastic and engaging speaker Dr S Clay - Dermatology

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